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New CoroMill® 419

Life in the fast lane

Speed up your machine

Our new high feed face mill is destined to make a difference. Optimized for stainless steel, hardened steel and titanium, CoroMill 419 is easy-to-apply for roughing to semi-finishing with the added economy of robust, 5-edge inserts. Its real strength is its wide application area combined with large selection of grades and geometries designed to give the highest productivity in the most difficult-to-machine materials.

  • High productivity in applications requiring light cutting action
  • Long tool life, especially in difficult-to-machine materials
  • Strong and robust inserts for reliable machining
  • Low power consumption
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New CoroMill® 316

With internal coolant

End milling just got cooler

CoroMill 316 set the highest standards in exchangeable-tip end milling as a highly flexible solution with secure interface between carbide head and tool shank. Now with internal coolant channeled directly to the cutting edge, it improves temperature control and chip evacuation to make light work of difficult materials such as stainless steel and ensure that when the going gets tough, there is no better option

  • Precise positioning of radial exit coolant holes to optimize effect of lubrication
  • High-precision exchangeable-head coupling for easy handling and predictable performance
  • Micro geometry optimized for a tough and reliable cutting edge
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New CoroChuck 930

Unbeatable security

Rock solid tool holding

Need a hydraulic chuck that won’t let you down? Look no further than the new CoroChuck 930. This new generation of hydraulic chucks can rightly claim the best pull-out security on the market, designed to eliminate vibration and ensure the highest precision for milling and drilling applications.

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Advanced cooling technology

See it to believe

Raising the pressure

Our latest tool holders and insert geometries ensure the highest possible coolant precision at the pressure your machine can manage. From pump to cutting edge via fixed-nozzle technology, coolant delivered even at lower pressures offers chip control, surface finish and security improvements. And for applications where ultra-high pressures are essential, we have a solution for you.

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